Treatment for Adult Attachment Trauma

Treatment for attachment trauma is achieved through a neuro-re training system that combines a variety of methods, depending on the way the brain is mapped as a result of the trauma. A combination of psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, Clinical and Conversational Hypnosis.

In the programs we offer, you receive caring help and support as you work through your attachment trauma issues and learn how to live and love in a positive, healthy way.

The therapist serves as a secure base and as an unconditional secure relationship, with whom you receive what you never had as a child so you can build your own secure relationship with yourself, as with the younger you and recover all of your abandoned parts from those events.

You will rebuild your secure attachment style in relation to others. Irrespective of what you have endured as a child into adulthood, the combination of weekly sessions with ongoing support and coaching strategies which provide training, is a proven system for a new thriving life.

There is help for you if you are an adult with attachment trauma. We provide decades of experience in this highly specialized area where we understand the trauma brain, and how it needs to be restored.

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