Below are a series of testimonials.
Some short, some are full letters written by clients that almost read like case studies.  Most recent Rapid Transformational Therapy clients to Past NLP / Coaching clients, dating back through the last 15-16 years work in my practice in Australia.

When it comes to understanding the dynamics of a relationship, moving forward from unconscious patterns to a healthy and dynamic way of being Fiorella is your go to girl. She truly has a unique perspective and a solid background as a truly talented and intuitive healer.

Cat Paterson

RTT Therapist UK


Singing in public was really difficult for me. Thankyou Fiorella for my transformation, confidence has grown immediately!


Catia Pennacchio


I’m feeling so positive and empowered since my coaching session with Fiorella. Somehow through her skilled interventions I have come out feeling that I can achieve my goals. I’m so thrilled! She has helped me see through my blocks and to recognise that most of them are simply my own inventions. I now have the confidence to head out into the business world and be my authentic self and to offer my service with true self confidence. I love how Fiorella works, it’s so hopeful and supportive. If you are looking for someone to work with do choose to work with Fiorella, she is amazing at what she does, she loves her work, and the results you achieve really show that she is a true professional.

Rachel Gotto

Therapist RTT Ireland

 After seeing Fiorella I have my old self back again. Life is so good. My relationship with my husband has just flourished. The relationship with myself is awesome. I really recommend Fiorella Martin.

Joanne Spooner


Fiorella is amazing at what she does as a Therapist. She really cares and with her I don’t feel as if I’m on a clock. I ditched a Psychiatrist I was visiting as that was getting me nowhere and found way more insights and breakthroughs with Fiorella In a short time. She truly cares and this is her passion which to me is what I want in any professional. Thinking about finding those hidden spots and releasing them? then Fiorella is the Lady. 
Congruent, caring, competent. Thank you Fiorella.

Anne Francis


Fiorella is an excellent therapist who has the ability to get to the core of any issue, and she has helped me truly connect the dots of many issues in my adult life.  I am very grateful to have met her, and not only for the RTT sessions, but also because she has provided a wealth of resources to help me deepen my knowledge relevant to my overall improvement. I feel like she guided me to help myself and my life.  RTT sessions were profound in transforming several aspects in my life. We were able to do 3 entire sessions via Skype with the same benefits as being in the same room.  I am grateful to Fiorella for this amazing experience, and if you are looking for a wholistic, empathetic and very competent professional, I most definitely recommend her!  

Simona D.B

Grazie Fiorella per la tua seduta RTT è stata magnifica; grazie a te ho potuto lasciare nel passato tutto quello che faceva parte del passato. Ho lasciato dietro di me le persone tossiche e ho aperto davanti a me una nuova strada popolata solo da persone che mi donano serenità e mi fanno sentire bene! Grazie ad una sola seduta tutto questo è cambiato ora mi sento libera e completa solo con me stessa, non ho bisogno di nessun altro che mi dia amore perché io stessa so darlo a me stessa! Chiunque dovrebbe sottoporsi alle tue sedute per comprendere quanti cambiamenti potrebbero avvenire nella propria vita…è qualcosa di magnifico! You’re amazing and your work too. MP

English Translation:

Thank you Fiorella for the RTT Session it was magnificent; Thanks to you I have been able to leave in the past everything that was part of the past.  I have left behind me the toxic people and have opened in front of me a new road populated only with people who give me serenity and make me feel good! Thanks to the one only session all this has changed and now I feel free and complete with just myself, I don’t need anyone else to give me love because I myself know how to give it to me. Anyone who would choose to undertake your sessions would comprehend how many changes could happen in their lives…and something magnificent would!  You are amazing and your work too. Monica Pennacchio – Student

Monica Pennacchio


A brief testimonial because in my mind when the work is good and we are supposed to leave the past in the past, who remembers what happened, just the feeling after.
I had the pleasure of doing an RTT session with Fiorella. She was such an amazing therapist combining so much knowledge in helping me to understand and seek out the root cause of my emotional pain. I felt so relaxed after my session and it has helped me move forward.

Debby D.

Psycologist - Therapist

“Over the last 6 months I have sincerely appreciated the talent, patience, high levels of empathy, compassion and flexibility towards my particular requirements and needs, displayed by Fiorella.

Fiorella draws upon a broad base of skills both in the coaching and NLP areas to facilitate the sessions, throughout utilising a strong sense of intuition.

It has been reassuring to be in such capable hands, and as a result I have found clarity, direction and a strong sense of purpose, that has steadily become apparent in many areas of my life.

I believe that Fiorella does and will make a difference to many many others in the future and I will not hesitate to revisit her if and when the need arises.

Thank you again Fiorella …you have made a difference.


Tony Hewitt.

Tony Hewitt Perth Western Australia

Multiple Award winning Photographer, MC, Trainer, Speaker, Presenter, NLP Master, Tony Hewitt Sudios

Global Partners Network Western Australia

November 18 2003

It has been a few weeks now since our trainings sessions have come to completion and I am writing to express my gratitude for the invaluable time I spent with you.  My business and life have gained a new momentum through the coaching that has allowed me to to simplify my life by working smarter and also have gained the gift of your sharing your coaching techniques with my team within my business that has helped many others.

Some of the areas I wish to comment on that have made a real difference in my life have been the time management programs you helped me create, you helped me to set boundaries arount time out for myself and the tools to control my own mind, especially on those mornings when I needed that extra focus.

You have truly great energy and I can highly recommend your support and genuine life design strategies / time management skills.  I know that your skills  will improve the lives of many.

You have assisted to awaken me in many ways and I sincerely wish to thank you.

Please feel free to use my name as reference at any time.

Scott Alexander

Executive, Global Partners Network

Fiorella Makes me feel Safe – that peace of mind is priceless.

I ‘ve reached out to Fiorella for support in various stages of my life, to help recalibrate and regain my inner strength.

In challenging times when I’ve struggled and felt very much alone, Fiorella has been a source of perspective, stability and hope.  Her genuine care for my wellbeing has been a welcome solace.

I felt comfortable with Fiorella from the beginning as she was able to quickly establish trust.  She made every effort to understand me, my circumstances, and how we could work together to achieve the desired outcomes.  In time, Fiorella could sense my thoughts, emotions and motivations – I sometimes suspect she knows me better than even I know myself.

In a relatively short period of time, the effects in my life of Fiorella’s support were noticeable and encouraging.  Through her guidance, I’ve been empowered to find clarity and inspiration.

Fiorella is a wonderful person – warm and compassionate, with a witty sense of humoour.  Her positive personal attributes are equally matched by her professionalism, extensive experience and scope of knowledge.

I never hesitate to recommend Fiorella.  Her dedication to her clients and passion for her profession are evident in the well researched expertise she generously shares.

I can assure you that Fiorella will be sensitively unbiased and 100% on your side, champion your values as an individual and provide you with insights into the steps needed to change your Life.

Thank you,

Chui Lin 2015 Sydney/Perth Australia

Marketing Executive

Fiorella helped me to achieve many of my goals and objectives.  She helped me clarify what was important and dealt with some issuess that were holding me back.  I have increased my ability to realise and achieve my goals”.

Glenn Secco - Perth Western Australia.

Financial Controller

16th May 2003

Dear Fiorella,

I have now come to the end of my two eight week sessions of NLP Coaching with you. 

Last December I took five weeks holiday, namely because I didn’t feel that I had what it took anymore and I was contemplating throwing away a job I had been in for almost 10 years.  

It was suggested to me that I contact you by someone that didn’t even know you but thought you could help.  Well after the first four weeks, I knew you had already helped me and I couldn’t wait to tell anyone that would believe me.  

As I reflect back to January, when I decide that it was time to get on with my life; back then I was searching for the unknown, I didn’t really know where this would take me or even if it was really going to work.  After the first eight weeks, I knew, I had to keep going because so much had changed and I wanted more.

Now people ask me what it is that I have done because they see a big change in me.  No only am I mentally fit, but physically as well, I lost 4kgs without even trying, so I can’t complain about that.  A Gym membership would have cost more than the NLP and I still wouldn’t have fixed the ugly stuff on the inside, that was ruining my life.

It was hard at first to remember what life was like until I started to put pen to paper, the initial subject we started with was that I wanted to be able to have a good relationship, however the work that you have done with me is much greater than that alone.

I had always allowed abusive (mental & Physical) people into my life, not just in personal relationships but also in work relationships.  Funny enough I was only consciously aware of the personal ones, the obvious such as my ex. Husband.  I believed that I was either not good enough to have what I truly would like or that I was not capable of achieving any more that I already had.

When we worked with those two factors, a can of worms opened for me.  Being happy with myself seemed to change the flow of my entire life, when I changed….. the people around me changed.  

My confidence has grown, I worry less about outcomes, I achieve much more because I am focused.  

Since January, I have had a promotion at work, I have purchased my first investment property and my mind is constantly thinking about the next one.

I now have goals and plans for my future.

Within me is an inner knowing that I am capable of achieving anything I want in my life and for the first time I actually know what it is I like and what I don’t like. 

I have ongoing invitations from various people of which I can choose to say yes or no to.

Thank you Fiorella you are a truly inspiring person able to work miracles.  Your contribution to my new life could never have had a price tag attached to it.

Your Sincerely,

Many Knott Perth Western Australia

Senior Sales Executive , Colorbond Steel

“I was often amazed at Fiorella’s uncanny ability to ask a question that got right to the heart of what was important, her intuition is a real gift, and is an extremely powerful tool that she is able to bring to her coaching.  I am now less stressed, more balanced and happier.  I started feeling fully alive and engaged in life, towards my goals and dreams, no longer stuck.  Thanks Fiorella!”

John Fletcher

Coach, Catalyst Coach UK

“Prior to coaching with Fiorella I was doing all I could to have a successful life, I was still struggling. 10 weeks later, after my coaching sessions with Fiorella, I am clearer about who I am and what I am doing than I have ever been before”.

Dean Dyer

Coach, Dean Dyer Coaching

“Fiorella has helped me tremendously. I was able to face issues and move on with the rest of my life, the life of my choice. I recommend working with Fiorella to anyone willing to take action, but not knowing where to start”.

Jin Peh

MD. Author, Speaker & Feng Shui Trainer Consultant

“Dear Fiorella, I just want to thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to ‘Sort myself out’. 

I have tried several different ways of working through my problems, letting go of the past and tried releasing past issues, but nothing seemed to work – until now.

You helped me to re-frame things from a different perspective.  You did not tell me how I should feel, or what I am feeling, but by asking me why did I feel this way helping me understand the source, the reason and the cause of my feelings.

This way of yours has helped me with all different aspects of life,  eliminating my shopping addiction, to resolving my relationship with my mother, to the way I used to allow myself to be treated by other people.

I am not an easy person to get ‘things’ out of, but I felt very comfortable and trusting with you in our sessions.

Have now aquired my driving licence, have a car, 2 houses, and am going on my first date in 2 years this coming weekend. 

Thank you!!

Much Love,


Claire Casey Perth Western Australia

Editor Assistant


“As past President of the ICFA (International Coaching Federation) Australian Chapter, and ICF member, I can attest to the skills of Fiorella Martin as a mentor Coach”. 

My credentials to comment are based on coaching experiences over the last 3 years: access to other mentor coach experiences; and CoachU Training teleclasses with MCC & PCC coaches both in Australia and USA.  So I believe I am very able to comment on Fiorella’s ability as a coach.

Fiorella was one of the First CoachU Graduates of the 3 year training program in Western Australia.

In 2002 I took the opportunity to be coached by Fiorella on a personal development issue that was limiting my business development.

She was able to quickly apply her coaching skills to my situation and through her use of mastery in questioning gained a response that offered me clarity around the issue.  I felt at ease and trusted her quickly.

She offered a range of approaches to enable my decision to be reached on important matters quickly, her stringent requirements for accountability kept me on track.

“Fiorella is an intuitive coach and I felt at times she reached down into me to encourage my soul to sing”.

She exhibited a very professional approach at all times during our sessions.  She indicated that her role as a coach was to assist me to unpack what lies beneath to make the shifts I was looking for.

She was articulate and presented a positive approach throughout the session.

I felt supported throughout the sessions, with Fiorella maintaining a coaching presence that enabled time and space for me to dialogue with myself; she offered perspectives and insights into what I was sharing.  By her encouraging approach I explored deeper that I would have done by myself.

Systematically I was able to assess, with Fiorella’s prompting, options for my future direction and prepared an action plan around increasing intuitive coaching and spirituality.

I was very satisfied with her coaching mastery as befitted a coach with her degree of expertise.

I have no hesitation in offering this testimonial to her ability to coach to a mastery level.

Arlene Quinn Perth Western Australia

Associate Certified Coach (ICF) RN, MCOMM(HRD),CertED, BA(Hons) PGDIP(HRD) , People Performance Plus -