From Single to Happily Ever-After

The 3 phase Game Plan Enlightened Women Use to attract High quality men, find their Soul Mate, Finally Find True Love, with a system for the Happily Ever After
(without playing games, or pretending to be someone you’re not!)

What is Single to Happily Ever-After?

Single to Happy Ever-After 12 week, live coaching program that uncovers, reprograms and upgrades the subconscious beliefs of high-achievers, who secretly have been dateless, desperate and single, who want to eliminate self-doubt, feel confident and have the relationship of their dreams.

Whether you’ve been single for a while or newly alone again, ready to finally getting it right, Single to Happy Ever-After will provide the results you desire. It’s designed to break-through your biggest blocks and turn you in to a goddess/queen of your relationships, attracting and creating your love-relationship and connection you want for life.

I Am Free from the past, Available for my Love Relationship

True Stories from Real People just like you.

Relationship Transformation

“I was ready to quit my career because I could not get a relationship that worked. After the Love-Brain Re-training, I have more confidence, am dating and increased my quality of life, am having so much fun, I’ve never felt  like this before… It’s amazing” M. Knott.

Relationship Transformation

“Fiorella has helped me let go of a marriage where we were just friends, and have the courage to move towards my dream life, and meet my soulmate, best friend, love of my life now husband. I have never been happier!”

– Charmaine S.

Relationship Transformation

“After working with Fiorella I met the man of my dreams, my partner for fun, and now have 2 beautiful twins and loving my life.”

– Sharon M.


Who is Single to Happy Ever-After for?

If you want to learn how to upgrade your beliefs, create the relationship mindset and take massive action that makes an impact on your Romantic Relationship life, once and for all, Single to Happy Ever-After is for you. Our women fall into one of these categories:


Whether it’s watching hours of Netflix or putting things off until tomorrow, you’re tired of the procrastination, self-sabotage that’s keeping you stuck, frustrated and alone and wasting your precious hours sitting in front of a screen instead of cuddling, having wonderful sex or enjoying life with the man of your dreams! Time is too precious to waste like that.


If you’re tired of second-guessing yourself and playing the “fake it till you make it” game and you’d like to actually believe you are attractive, loveable and amazing – (not just hiding after work) – feel comfortable in your own skin…finally!

Let go of your fear of rejection and abandonment, reclaim the self-worth confidence you were born with. 

“I WANT MORE love & fun”

Life keeps passing you by, because you don’t want to do things alone. From the avoidance, to anxiety, feel ashamed and fear of years passing by and missing out on the relationship experiences and lifestyle you wish you could be having right now, because life is more fun when you are able to share with someone.  You’re so fed up and frustrated making decisions from scarcity.

How Does it Work?

Unlike 99% of other programs, we transform you at the conscious AND subconscious level.

Past, Present and Future… the solution we provide

We use the combined power of Coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy : 

to rip out and reprogram your beliefs once and for all.


Over 12 weeks, We’ll clean up the past:  you’ll get three Rapid Transformational Therapy experiences to rewire your subconscious.

Work and systemise the present:  weekly LIVE catch ups, so you are always supported and connected, no matter what.  Six Relationship and Dating coaching sessions.

Get you ready for your Future:  with your Happy-Ever-After preparation, that starts with selecting a partner who will be on board with you to make the relationship and you a priority, this is an infidelity proof and divorce proof system to make sure this will be the last relationship you both start and live together.  You both will benefit long term with continued passion, aliveness, getting your needs met automatic love system, producing the in Love feelings you want to continue into your future.

Finally you’ll be a part of our weekly ‘Yes to Love ” inspirations that require actions, these are priceless and proven relationships-love habits tools, plus a private Facebook group and more!

We do all of the work TOGETHER and we do it LIVE. No boring endless power-point slides.

You’ll get real-time, heart-centred support and guidance to activate a deep sense of love and attraction that will change your life forever.

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Clinical Hypnonsis & Transformations




Fortunately, we now know that the 95% of your sub-conscious mind can be re-programmed.

The latest technology developed over the last 30 years by Marisa Peer is Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT.

(RTT) is based on Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuroscience, Neuro-Plasticity, Cognitive therapy and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming.

This method goes way beyond any talk therapy (which does not work) Hypnosis works depending on the practitioner, Psychology, and psychotherapy can be a long-term soft approach to feel better in the moment, although it does not change the programming in the Sub-conscious mind.

RTT as you will find explained in the video clip next to this article is the fastest way of resolving programming in the same way it went in it is the same way of changing it.

Before the age of 8, children’s brains are in a state of hypnosis recording all that is around them and taking in suggestions, and opinions of those they experience on a daily basis.  For this reason, going with RTT, due to its specific formulation is able to change the programming at a deep sub-conscious level.

Is RTT enough to change your programming?

That depends, on your age, the degree of programming that needs to change, how your brain has been formed.

Yes, some people will change in one session, others will need 4.

Others will require more.  The reasons are many, mainly concerned with how much work needs to be done to re-program your brain and how much damage was done.










AGE OVER 40,50,60



Why these conditions take more session and more work is because of something called SCHEMAS.  In psychology and cognitive science, a schema (plural schemata or schemas) describes a pattern of thought or behavior that organizes categories of information and the relationships among them. ... People use schemata to organize current knowledge and provide a framework for future understanding.

The degree of change and repair required is based on how the brain was formed as a consequence of childhood adversity, and subsequent life circumstances.




The ACE test is a series of 10 questions that relate to childhood experiences before the age of and up to 18 years old.


This test was devised by specialist Neuroscientists to determine the level of damage incurred by children at a young age.


All Clients are required to take this test as part of the assessment and intake process.  As this will help determine the scope of work and reconstruction required.





Love = Home, is a term that has been used to describe that we tend to normally choose people that remind us of those we knew and were familiar around our childhood, because it feels comfortable, familiar, even if it was abusive it is all we know about relating to others.


In changing programming, we also need to find a new type of familiar, which initially is unfamiliar, we’ve never experienced positive behaviours before, or people that are unfamiliar we may initially find boring, not exciting enough, too easy, because we are used to the drama (read that Trauma in some people’s childhood).



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Official RTT Video by Marisa Peer, creator of the RTT Metod. 

RTT Explainer Video 1.