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“Spend a little Time…and enjoy a Lifetime of Creating Memories”


Packages & Pricing

“It’s never about not having met the right one, it’s about transforming yourself to become the one you were meant to be”

Premium Flagship Signature System:

  • Re-programming your beliefs,
  • Re-mapping your self perception, self esteem and self value.
  • Discover your authentic identity and what makes you unique and extraordinary.  Become secure and happy in yourself, your body and find joy in your life.
  • Positive brain mapping.
  • Cleaning up and redesigning the 12 Life categories that will impact yourself and your future.
  • Discover your Ikigai, implement longevity, learn about your 6 attraction areas for feeling and being your best self now and with a partner.
  • Learn the method that qualifies potential partners as suitable long term, a person you can create your life story with.
  • Learn the system that will continue to keep the love and relationship extraordinary.
  • Letting go of people, toxic relationships, relationship addictions, getting unstuck and power up you dreams to move towards them and make them real. 
  • Dealing with the past and resolving it, the rejection the abandonment, fears, anxiety, uncertainty….all resolved.
  • Strategies to select and qualify your ideal partner, a secure relationship minded person, who is aligned with your values, children, family, goals and dreams.
  • A template for your relationship success, a method that works to keep your relationship vibrant passionate, fun, and loving for the rest of your lives, never ever having to go through another break up again. 


This program is designed to follow individual brain mapping, it is a transformational program, based on outcomes, not a number of sessions, so the pricing for a flexible 12 to 16 weeks.

Your investment is for a lifetime Relationship that lasts. 

It’s is made up of therapy, coaching, training and support.