Welcome to my about me page.  Thank you for connecting with me. I look forward to getting to know you personally.
I am the founder and creator of the Attachment School and the Attachment Trauma Transformational Therapy for Singles.  This system is the culmination of over 30 years of research and study and over 20 years of private practice.

I have dedicated my life to understanding what makes up the mind and emotions that make up the dynamics of Relationships, the difference between conscious and primal connection, with a specialization in, relationship issues, self-esteem and self-love issues, women issues that cause anxiety especially in finding and maintaining a great relationship, and preventing the usual separation, heartache, expense and divorce.

Have been facinated and curious about how and why people have such struggles with attachments and adult relationships.

The combination of my logical analytical mind (architectual design) and my intuitive, empathetic, as well as energy (feng shui background) skills make me a unique a balanced blend for getting to the root of a problem and solving it efficiently.

I have been working with hundreds of clients since 2002, 

in helping them improve, enhance and evolve their love and Relationships.  Most importantly to allow them to each one to see what was possible for themselves.

Helping to re-build that self-belief in order to achieve whatever they set their minds on.

I love what I do and am very fortunate to do what I love, it is a privilege and an honour, 

For me it is unbelievably fulfilling work.

From my own Life and Work Experience

I have come to the belief that the most important elements in one’s self and life are Self Respect, and Self Efficacy which are both fundamental to Creating Healthy Self Esteem.

Self Esteem is the foundation for good quality Relationships, first with one’s self and then, Intimate, Family, Friends and Work.

And as one of my favourite Psychologists Esther Perel states:

“The Quality of our Relationships, determine the quality of our lives”

to which I add from all the research longitudinal studies: emotional and physical health are dependent on the support and Warmth of our Quality Relationships.

How we feel on the inside, determines the quality of our connections.     

What is my Why? Where did my Why come from? Why do I do What I do?

“Transformational Contribution, making this world a better place, is my purpose.”

Where Shall I begin…

Firstly, I have an early memory of watching some adults as a young child, they were arguing, and I remember having the distinct thought: “Why are they not getting along, they are supposed to be adults”

My own Family dynamics as with many families were far from stellar, and the type of upbringing I had, required for me to heal and overcome many childhood experiences, am no stranger to therapy, in fact have tried them all, and then some.

Eventually, one by one, I was able to restore my sense of self, a sense of purpose, restore my family relationships, and in the process became qualified in several therapies.

I love learning and have a very inquisitive mind; this ongoing learning and research has helped improve my techniques and understanding of the mind and the human being as a whole. 

I work wholestically, with each client as an individual, unlike many psychologists, I customise my work to suit the client, each life is different, each person has had many differing situations and each person is unique.

As a result of my ongoing research, the focus of my work is on restoring Self Esteem and restoring a secure sense of attachment to others, 

Since the quality of our Relationships determines everything else, 

Lack of love, and lack of close bonds in a person’s life creates isolation, addictions, depression, anxiety, psychological as well as physical consequences. 

By restoring Self Esteem and Relationship Quality, other symptoms and problems have a better chance of being resolved. 

We are Social Beings, we thrive on belonging and connection (personal, rather that social media) and beings that require Affection and touch, 

by restoring these life environments and experiences, happiness is produced, peace of mind and a state of creative flow.   Knowing that we feel loved and safe, that someone has our back and we feel supported is the ideal state of human existence.

Overachievers, get to success and wealth and can boast many material rewards, while inside they too can feel very empty and alone. 

In my practice we begin with a free chat, then an intake of Assessments to gather history and Evaluate which programs are running and how they are connected, it all provides a mental map that can be referred to during the work.

Your brain map will determine the course of action, the plan and the strategy to creating your desired results and outcomes.

The Technologies I use are of the highest quality and produce the fastest results, which save time.

Let’s talk about your time…Everyone’s time, it is without a doubt the most important resource you or I will ever have.

As I write this and you’re reading this, seconds, minutes, hours, tick away, never to return.

So why is time important?  The better your quality of life time, the more quality of life in your years, that you’ll be able to enjoy free from suffering, longing, painful thoughts and feelings from the past, and the obstacles of those limiting beliefs formed long ago through no fault of yours, once changed, you’ll be free to be what you always wanted to be.

You deserve to be happy, it is your birthright to be happy, to have amazing experiences in Life and to feel good from the inside out. 

Investing in the best quality therapy and coaching allows you to get things resolved quickly, not years of talk therapy, but in a few short weeks you will enjoy the rest life.

How you decide, what you decide, when you decide and the actions you are willing to take now, determine the rest of your future.

How are you making those decisions?  How do you decide?  Is a question most people do not ask themselves, because they are not consciously deciding, they are reacting to life events, to programming, and it all feels out of their choice.

Once you decide with your conscious mind your subconscious programming from the past will not dominate your decisions today. The hurt child you once were will no longer be driving the car of your life through fear of rejection or failure.

The most exciting, deep and phenomenal truth is that your subconscious mind, all your programming can be rewired, reprogrammed, so you can make your decisions from a conscious, logical, self-respecting foundation.

We have all made mistake and disastrous decisions, which can and do cost years of consequences at times to resolve.  Except our past mistakes do not make us, do not have to determine our ultimate future.

Making better decisions, will change your life forever.

This is where I can help you, 

by helping you redesign your mind, retrain your brain, you will make better decisions to reinvent and re-design your future, upgrade to a new version of you, a new vision for your life.

Do you wish to live an Extraordinary Life? have amazing Relationships that continue the honeymoon effect for the rest of your life? Travel, experience, feel joy, peace, laughter and harmony, happiness?

I can help you go to places you never thought were possible,

Discover possibilities you never believed could be available to you,

 I am here to serve people like you, the dreamers, the visionaries, those who believe or sense in something beyond their history.   

The past is history, the future is being created, the power is and always will be in the NOW!                                                                                      

I don’t make promises, I create opportunities for change. I help you rewrite beliefs, change the meaning of the past and reinvent your future…


it takes courage, on your part to get to work.

I will be radically honest because the truth sets you free.

I invest in you 100% and expect you to invest in yourself 100%

Because I know what’s waiting for you on the other side (I have been through that journey) even if you cannot see it, I will take you there.

I see all of your brilliance and know you have everything in you to create anything you want.

My job is to empower you to take control of your mind to reinvent your future

I work from acceptance, empathy, compassion, love, honesty, insight and passion.

This is my pledge to you.

Wishing you Aliveness and Love,


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Languages: Italian & English


Fiorella Martin

Attachment Trauma Specialist for Singles Recovery Therapist Transformational Coach

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Advanced Certified Transformational Therapist 

Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner 2002 English (CNLP)    

Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner 2017 Italian (CNLP)  

Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment 2008

Certificate in Talent and Team Dynamics (Wealth Dynamics 2015)

Graduate and Certified Coach 3 years (Coach U) USA 2002

Member International Coaching Federation since 2002

Committee member of ICF Perth WA 2008