Transformational   Therapies

Why Therapy? 

Therapy deals with the sub-conscious.  The sub-conscious is where all the original memories of hurtful events that happened are stored.  At a very Young age, when we did not know any better, we made up beliefs about us, and others, that cause us to this day, ways of thinking and behaving that are designed to keep us safe.


Which Therapy?

There are many different therapies, methods, techniques and practices.  It can be confusing to know which or if you can choose which one is the best for you. 

The most important criteria is what results will be achieved in the shortest time possible.

You don’t need to choose a therapy, it’s more about having clarity of your outcomes, the time you want to save yourself to get the results, to stop the pain and enjoy the rest of your life, free from the problem. 

The choice is based on evidence of people that are getting the exact results you want, and choosing among the experts who are providing those results.  




I’m a psychotherapist, and a coach. Primarily, helping my clients to become the best most amazing version of themselves. As well as giving strategies that provide a way to stay happy and loving with the same partner. 

My Method

 Transformational therapy is a formula method  using several types of Trance, Regression, Reframing and cognitive therapy.

My clients are skillfully guided to discover the root cause of their problem,

Once the conscious awareness sees and understands the reason and the cause, it is no longer in the sub-conscious and it dissolves and eliminates the issue.

The Results

My clients immediately begin to form new and healthy thought processes which bring about phenomenal changes and lasting results in their daily lives.

Transformational therapy is so effective for helping  so many issues:
Emotional Pain – Self Esteem,– Belonging – Connection – Self Value – Depression – Finding meaning & Purpose – Anxiety – Phobias – Physical Pain – Relationship Issues – Sexual Problems – Trauma – Anxiety – Unresolved Grief – Anger – Fears  – Lack of Confidence – and more.


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       Fiorella Martin

Attachment Trauma Specialist for Singles Recovery Therapist

Relationship Transformational

Therapist Coach

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Advanced RTT Certified Transformational Therapist 

Spiritual Recovery Therapist

Find your Ikigai: Life Transformations

Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner 2002 English (CNLP)    

Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner 2017 Italian (CNLP)  

Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment 2008

Certificate in Talent and Team Dynamics (Wealth Dynamics 2015)

Graduate and Certified Coach 3 years (Coach U) USA 2002

Member International Coaching Federation since 2002

Committee member of ICF Perth WA 2008

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