Find your perfect partner in 8 weeks

How to find a Perfect Partner or the right Partner?

Where to find someone in this day and age in your 40’s?

How to Trust Again?

How to overcome feeling Lonely, Empty, Abandonment, or fear of rejection?


These are the questions most singles ask themselves. They want to be with someone and have an intimate relationship but because of their Attachment Trauma Wounds, it’s difficult for them to truly connect and be open to someone. They are afraid to be vulnerable so instead, they unconsciously protect themselves emotionally by having a “wall”.

If you want to be in a relationship that lasts, you have to let go of those fears. Fiorella Martin is an Attachment Trauma and Attachment Style Expert for Singles and can help you resolve those issues in the past and overcome your struggle in finding and keeping a long-term relationship.

In a testimonial video, “How to Find a Perfect Partner in 8 weeks.”, Edyta tells her experience on how she has transformed and how things around her have shifted after working with Fiorella in just 2 months. From feeling suffocated and lonely to being happy and free.

It’s been four years since Edyta’s last serious relationship but she was afraid of trying out new things or meeting new people. She wanted to move on but she didn’t know what to do.

Edyta felt unloved, abandoned, afraid, worried, and felt like something was holding her back. She tried all the things she knew how. In addition to reading books and other self-help materials, she also met with different coaches and psychiatrists but it was a long journey. It took years with just little progress. She also focused on taking care and pampering herself but the emptiness was still there. She was longing for someone to be by her side, a partner.

From the words of Maya Angelou, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” However, if something happened in the past or if something was missing, it will be a challenge for you to change how you perceive the things around you. There’s no switch button. You need help and there’s no shame to that.

Edyta understood that she needed to do something otherwise nothing will change in her life. Drowning and suffocating, she wanted to get out of the state she was in but didn’t know what actions to take. She said she had fears and worries in her head that she wanted to go away but she didn’t know how.

Fortunately, Edyta met Fiorella Martin and decided to work with her. 8 weeks later, Edyta found her perfect man and has never been happier in her life right now. She was so surprised to experience the results of Fiorella Martin’s program in such a short time. She said she never thought it was possible to be as happy as she is now. It’s amazing!

Many people out there are still struggling to be in a lasting relationship. They believe that their previous relationships didn’t work out because they simply are not compatible. They are unaware that it has something to do with their unresolved past. Because something happened or did not happen in the past, they don’t allow themselves to be open or vulnerable to the other person to protect himself/herself from the possibility of getting hurt. Therefore he/she won’t be able to really connect with someone and unconsciously push people away.

Edyta believed that for her to find the perfect man, everything has to be perfect. Perfect job, perfect place, and that everything she does has to be perfect. But after doing all this, nothing has changed in her life except that she has noticed the imperfections even more.

However, Fiorella helped Edyta address those issues as well. She no longer felt the need to impress or prove herself and that it’s fine not to be perfect because nobody is. The feeling of not being good enough, unlovable, and not being heard were gone after completing the program. Her wounds have healed.

She started to glow from the inside out and people started to sense her positive aura. Readily gave her compliments and Edyta accepted them with no doubts. She felt happier inside and was no longer holding back.

She also mentioned in the interview that compared to her previous long term relationship, she can feel the connection now. Edyta and her boyfriend are open to each other even on sensitive topics like religion or politics, and that it’s okay to talk about their differences. It’s something new that she’s with someone who is willing to talk to her if there’s a problem and find a solution together. Most importantly, Edyta wanted to feel significant to somebody and that’s exactly what her boyfriend is making her feel, that she’s the most important person in his life. He does things for her because he wants to and because Edyta doesn’t deserve less. The great thing about it is that she didn’t feel any guilt to give something back nor obliged to do something in return.

Aside from that, other favorable things were happening to Edyta’s life. She got an email during lock down offering her a job that she didn’t even apply for.

Keep in mind that your environment is a reflection of your internal thoughts, beliefs, and your attitude so until or when that changes, everything around you transforms because you already have different thoughts about yourself. You will have a new perspective.

When you have dealt and resolved what’s inside you that wasn’t right, all those excess baggage that was weighing you down will be gone. You let go of the negativity and accept all the good things that life has to offer. You will notice the law of attraction and everything in your life will all be fitting together.

Things are already falling into place for Edyta. It’s time that you evaluate the life you have now. Do you want to go further or stay stuck? Are you ready for the big change and meet the love of your life?

Take that first step to your new life! Let me help you find love & stay in love.

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